Friday, January 13, 2006

Cuernavaca Morelos

Part of the Cathedral with Jardin Borda a block ahead

Cuernavaca is the Capital City of the State of Morelos, Mexico. Located only 45 minutes from Mexico City (one hour and thirty minutes from the international airport) by the way of the Mexico-Acapulco expressway. Actually world-wide known as "The City of Eternal Spring" due to its excellent template climate with an annual average of 20ºC.

La Barranca del Amanalco - makes a nice city park

One of a few fountains in Jardin Borda - Free on Sundays

The ancient name of Cuernavaca is "Cuauhnahuac" in Nahuatl which means "Place near or by the side of the groove". Founded seven centuries ago almost a mile high in the Sierra Madre Mountains.

Until 1910, this state was the third major sugar cane producer world wide, after Hawaii and Puerto Rico, but peasants slaved without hope on the enormous sugar cane haciendas. When the Mexican Revolution began, most haciendas were burned to the ground.

For many years, Cuernavaca has been known as a resort where both Mexicans and foreigners come to enjoy the clean air, relax and enjoy the incomparable climate.

Popular restaurant on the Plaza

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