Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Chinameca farm becomes Museum of Agrarismo

Chinameca farm becomes Museum of Agrarismo

Objects of the time, multimedia elements and a half hundred documents from the sixteenth century to the present day, make up this new exhibition dedicated to this social movement

The Morelense museum was provided with an information and documentation to develop studies on the subject; besides the show opened Emiliano Zapata in Morelos A hundred years of drafting the Plan de Ayala, the Ex Hacienda de San Juan Chinameca, Morelos, where began and ended the Zapatista movement, was converted to house the Museum of Agrarismo, a space that will be dedicated not only to the history of the forms of property in Mexico, but their study through an information and documentation. 

Opened this week by President Felipe Calderon, the enhancement of this space is the product the coordinated effort between the Ministry of Education through the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) and Historical Studies of the Revolutions of Mexico, the Agrarian and the Government of the State of Morelos. The Museum exhibits Agrarismo the evolution of the social and political movement that marked the history of contemporary Mexico, through multimedia elements, objects of the time and about fifty historical documents from the XVI until today. 

He was also presented with an information and documentation that will be key to developing research in this area. The tour of the new exhibition consists of eight sections: What is agrarismo?, Earth: mother goddess, political status, ideological status, Cast and forms of ownership transformations in the twentieth century, Agrarian Development, and New Age, vision for the future.

Directions to Chinameca --- Leaving the city of Cuernavaca take the highway no. 138 bound for Yautepec, and then state highway 2 and shortly before reaching Tlaltizapán, a detour by the state highway 9, 20 km is the Hacienda de Chinameca, distinguished by its distinctive brick fireplace with the inscription "Land and Freedom".
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