Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tlayacapan - Pueblo Magico

About 50 miles east of Cuernavaca lies the town of Tlayacapan, one of the 41 Pueblos Magicos in Mexico.  One of Tlayacapan's main attractions is the former convent of San Juan Bautista  with fresco paintings on its walls dating back to the sixteenth century, showing the form of expression of the Augustinian fathers.  Associated with the San Juan Bautista monastery are a series of 26 chapels through out the area, some still in use and other in disrepair.

Tlayacapan is one of the 14 towns that make up ¨Monasteries on the slopes of Popocat├ępetl¨ which as a group is now a World Heritage Site. These monasteries were recognized by UNESCO in 1994, because they served as the model for the early monastery and church buildings as well as evangelization efforts in New Spain and some points beyond in Latin America.

Within the convent San Juan Bautista is also a cultural and historical museum and a small display of mummies that show something of the social class that dominated the area.

The massive convent of San Juan Bautista

Chapel Santa Maria

Tlayacapan municipal building on the plaza

Mummy museum 

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