Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Papalote Museo del niño, Cuernavaca

Vicente Guerrero # 205, col. Lomas de la Selva, Cuernavaca, Morelos

In what was once the Casino de la Selva, is now the Papalote Museum. It's a relative of the same in Chapultepec but is slightly smaller and has its own charm. In one of its sections the famous murals can be seen that for many years gave identity to the building. In the Papalote Children's Museum of Cuernavaca there is the Blue Room of Van Gogh, a room to sharpen the senses of hearing and touch in a camera obscura, and harmonize some notes in a giant Kandinsky piano. Although it is a place for kids, there is fun for everyone.

Papalote Museo del niño, Cuernavaca

Monday, August 05, 2013

New Morelos Tourism Video

Published on July 2, 2013

Morelos is a flower of 33 petals representing the 33 municipalities of Morelos.  Morelos is culture, nature and tradition.

This video, Morelos, is part of a campaign to promote the natural and historical wonders we have in Morelos and position it as national and international tourist destination.

Pretty corny, people un-Mexican in appearance and aimed at people with much money .... but it's done well and watchable.

Sunday, July 07, 2013

Tlayacapan - Pueblo Magico

About 50 miles east of Cuernavaca lies the town of Tlayacapan, one of the 41 Pueblos Magicos in Mexico.  One of Tlayacapan's main attractions is the former convent of San Juan Bautista  with fresco paintings on its walls dating back to the sixteenth century, showing the form of expression of the Augustinian fathers.  Associated with the San Juan Bautista monastery are a series of 26 chapels through out the area, some still in use and other in disrepair.

Tlayacapan is one of the 14 towns that make up ¨Monasteries on the slopes of Popocatépetl¨ which as a group is now a World Heritage Site. These monasteries were recognized by UNESCO in 1994, because they served as the model for the early monastery and church buildings as well as evangelization efforts in New Spain and some points beyond in Latin America.

Within the convent San Juan Bautista is also a cultural and historical museum and a small display of mummies that show something of the social class that dominated the area.

The massive convent of San Juan Bautista

Chapel Santa Maria

Tlayacapan municipal building on the plaza

Mummy museum 

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Morelos environmentalists to stop mining concessions

Morelos environmentalists seeking to stop 39 mining concessions

Environmentalists and members of the Movement Against Open Pit Mine say they will oppose everything that destroys life

Cuernavaca, June 4. - Environmentalists and members of the Movement Against Open Pit Mines announced they will go against the 39 mining concessions in the state.

One day after the state government authorities got to know the number of awards that are in the state, indicated that they preserve life and stand against all that destroys it.

Explained that when none of these 39 grants are operating in phase, but are found in the scanning process. However, they indicated they will be watching to know what mine are what hold these concessions and what they seek to exploit.

Along with them, local MP Hector Salazar recalled Porcayo who recently presented the first initiative in Mexico, local congresses, against the use of cyanide, a proposal that seeks to stop the draft Esperanza Silver Canadian miner, which seeks installed between the Temixco and Miacatlán municipalities.

Morelos environmentalists seeking to stop 39 mining concessions

Friday, February 08, 2013

Cuernavaca Airport

Last September was the inauguration of General Mariano Matamoros Airport (CVJ) or the Cuernavaca "International" Airport after extensive remodeling and expansion. It claims to be an International Airport and looks the part but I have yet to find any scheduled International flights. The official airport website lists only Volaris and VivaAerobus as scheduled airlines and neither flies out of the country from there.

As you may know, airports in Mexico are government owned and Cuernavaca is managed by a group centered in Mexico City. There is some criticism that the airport was over built and a waste of money with their future plans of servicing a million and a half people a year. However it does seem like a nice way to avoid Mexico City if flights available fit your plans.



Not a busy airport

Cuernavaca airport map
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