Monday, August 24, 2015

Sting to perform at Arena Teques October 10

On Saturday October 10, 2015, Sting will perform at Arena Teques in Morelos, Mexico. Joined by a 4-piece band, he will perform many of his most celebrated hits. Tickets for the concert are available for purchase NOW via Ticketmaster.

This concert is part of the project Música para Morelos (Music for Morelos) that the State Government has implemented through the activities of Fondo Estatal para la Promoción y Desarrollo de Eventos Vinculados con la Cultura y Turismo: PROCULTUR (State Fund for the Promotion and Development of Events Related to Culture and Tourism: PROCULTUR). The Fund's objective is to promote culture and tourism, as well as the social and economic welfare of the State, bringing to the general public all kinds of events by means of taking advantage of the public spaces that Morelos has.


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