Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Cathedral de Cuernavaca

Cathedral of Cuernavaca is located downtown about 5 blocks west of the plaza

This building served originally as the church for a Franciscan monastery founded in 1526; it became the cathedral for Cuernavaca in 1891. The fifth mission to begin construction on the continent, La Anunciación de Nuestra Señora employed pre-Conquest building techniques such thick rubble walls reinforced by cut stone at corners, windows, and doorways. The complex was largely complete by 1574. There is little documentation on the original construction, but scholars believe that the open chapel preceded the building of the church.

An amazing architectural complex formed by an atrium surrounded by tall 'battlemented' walls. The Cathedral has been remodeled in the last 20 years and murals depicting the martyrdom of St. Felipe de Jesus were found all along both sides of the walls. In the same complex are found the Chapel of San Jose, the Chapel of Nuestra Senora de los Dolores, the Chapel of Carmen as well as the Temple of Terce Orden. It is also famous for its Sunday "Mariachi Mass".

Cathedral de Cuernavaca

Cathedral de Cuernavaca

Cathedral side Chapel


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